Dale® Foley Catheter Holder

Dale® Foley Catheter Holder
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    • Code: DL316
    • Brand: Dale Medical
    • Product Number(s): 316
    • HCPCS (?): A4334

    Holds all types of catheters securely in place.

    • Wide stretch leg band, with Velcro® locking system
    • Non-restricting with hypoallergenic backing

    Best I've tried
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Chicago, IL
    This prevents any 'pulling' on the inserted catheter, which is extremely important. Can be repositioned easily and reused over and over again. Easy to clean, I use the washing machine on 'normal'. Design of the green Velcro strap immobilizes the connection port of the foley. Best out there, Much preferred over the type you stick to your leg.
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    why are they always white?
    No Maryland
    I wish just one manufacturer would think outside the box when it comes to the leg straps. Not everyone uses these as urinary drainage straps. I lost all of my intestines, large and small (save for 4 inches of jejunum) due to an undiscovered blood clot in my superior mesenteric artery that, by the time it was discovered, was too late--all my intestines had died from lack of blood flow. I have a permanent jejunostomy feeding tube used as a *drainage* tube instead (since I still have a stomach, which produces bile constantly and naturally; my nutritional needs are met via TPN), since there is no medical apparatus available for use as a drainage device/tube. My J-tube is in turn connected to a Bard overnight urinary drainage bag, which I have to lug around day after day, night after night, year after year. I have tried leg bags but the problem is I need one that will only come to my THIGH, not down to my calf. The ones I have found, the diameter of them is too wide to fit (my J tube is a 24 Fr). I have tried, for two years, to find a medical supplier that makes or can make a leg bag that has a smaller diameter so that it will fit INSIDE the J tube (in other words, something smaller than 24 Fr; a 22 or 20 would be ideal). But overnight bag or leg bag, the straps have to be held in place by these leg bands. Since mine are visible (they are worn outside clothing, not underneath because of my overall set-up), that white is super-glaring and obvious. Not to mention it shows the slightest stain or smudge. My caretaker has tried several times to dye them a different color. She has left them to soak in black dye for two days and though they DO absorb the dye, the color is a sort of purplish-brown. Not all that unattractive, actually, but they will not "dye" any darker. It would be nice if just one medical supplier would think outside the "medical white" paradigm/box. There is an entire market being overlooked by medical suppliers. Why not make the straps in black? In brown? In dark gray? In patterns even? Anything but medicinal white. It may seem like a small thing, but to someone who has to wear them for their entire life, and especially for women, it would be nice if one could buy these straps in something OTHER than white. It may seem such a little thing, but trust me: psychologically, it isn't a little thing. And along those lines, again, anyone with a G- or J-tube knows these tubes are held in our body usually by a small, water-filled balloon. But instead of having to secure the tubing to one's leg by these thick, fat (white) stripes, can no one think of an alternative? For instance, a type of "girdle" system perhaps, that could go around the waist, secure against the bumper that sticks out of your body, therefore eliminating the need for leg straps altogether (which, over time, cause soreness to the leg since they are always in the same place and have to be secured snug enough they don't slip). We are a country known for innovation, no? But in this particular area, at least, there's been no innovative thinking for the thousands of people who unfortunately have to wear these things for their entire lives and would greatly benefit from some innovative thinking.
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    Secure, Durable
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Chicago, IL
    Holds the foley where you want it, but allows you to readjust as you reposition. This is sturdy enough for daily use, holds up to laundering. Velco looping is confusing for some but works great.
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