Osbon ErecAid® - Pink - Medium High Tension Ring

Osbon ErecAid® - Pink - Medium High Tension Ring
    $24.95 (1 ea.) List Price (?): $32.93
    • Best Selling Osbon Erecaid Tension Rings
    • Designed for the Erecaid Vacuum System
    • Anatomically Designed for Pressure and Comfort to Key Areas
    • High Tension and Medium Size, Fits Most Men

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    • Code: EA1610
    • Brand: Osbon Timm Medical
    • Product Number(s): 1610
    • HCPCS (?): L7902

    Pink - Medium High Tension Ring (D). Fits all ErecAid® models.
    Inner Diameter - (19mm) 0.75 in.

    Pressure-Point™ Tension Rings
    The patented pressure-point tension rings are medically engineered for safety, performance and comfort. You may use the rings individually or in various combinations to keep your erection once you have created it using the System.

    Due to the hygienic nature of this product and the manufacturer's strict no return policy, we cannot accept returns or issue a credit for any Erecaid product once it has been delivered to you.

    Certainly would buy this product again.
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Tallahassee
    Great service and and a good product.
    Was this helpful?
    Works well
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Cleveland Ohio
    For personal use
    Was this helpful?
    Great product.
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Houston, TX
    Has been using this line of product for the past 5 years after surgery.
    Was this helpful?
    Perfect appliance
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Upstate New York
    Wonderful product. I've always use two at once to hold the erection. Sometimes it hard to find the pull tabs when removing them I usually grab one on one side and the wrong tab on the other side, lol. But I survive. What would I do without them? I use them once or twice a week. The whole system always works for 18 years.
    Was this helpful?
    I should have purchased the Medium size with medium strength
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Albany, Oregon
    Is there a way to slide the tension ring off the tube and onto the penis more comfortably? When I move the ring off the plastic tube, doing so is very uncomfortable and somewhat painful because it snaps onto the penis rather forcefully. Not something to look forward to, for sure.
    Was this helpful?
    Verified Buyer
    Yes va.
    good so far the ring will brake soon.
    Was this helpful?
    Tension Ring in the Pink
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Kutztown, PA
    Helps to reduce pressure in life.
    Was this helpful?
    Verified Buyer
    Yes lubbock, texas
    I use it to keep an erection nice and hard, I don't know if it is great but it works that is all I want,it is sometimes hard to take off.
    Was this helpful?
    Tension Ring
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Denver, CO
    Bought this item as a spare. For personal use. Not sure how I would use if for business unless I was having an affair with the secretary. There is an option at the bottom of the page that says I can spice up this review with an image or video of the product in use. Not sure I would want to do that and not sure anyone would like to see it.
    2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    Great Service, Great Product
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Charlotte, NC
    Great service, on time delivery. Thanks again for being there.
    Was this helpful?
    Works as advertised
    Verified Buyer
    How to use the product. I constantly lose length, etc. when I transfer the band. What is the secret?
    1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    i will buy it again
    Verified Buyer
    WHEN the pennis is thick is hard to pull the ring.
    Was this helpful?
    This works well, better than others
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Portage, WI
    too expensive
    1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    Great product!
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Colorado
    I have used the ErecAid ring product for several years. It works better for me than the Surerec EZ Tension Ring
    Was this helpful?
    Just as it describr "Erect Aid"
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Houston.TX
    Has been using this product for more than 2 years.
    Was this helpful?
    Seems to be the right size and fits well
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Miami Beach, Florida, USA
    The price per unit seems to be pretty high for me as a retired person making every penny count.The medical insurance I have, Medicare, does not help any either. Eventhough I follow your instructions and lubricate it well before use as well as wash it with hand soap after use, it does not last as long as expected for the price you request. Any consideration you give to this area will be greatly appeciated. Thanks
    2 of 2 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    Top Quality and Time Proven
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Louisville KY
    Long-term diabetic and have been using this product for years. Very satisfied.
    Was this helpful?
    Rings break frequently
    No Tallahassee, Florida
    I have broken several of these rings. Once one broke the first time it was used. I can see not accepting returns for hygienic reasons, but there is absolutely no excuse for not issuing a credit when a product breaks when used for the first time. I will never recommend or use any Osbon or Timm product again if I have any other choice.
    2 of 3 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    So far = so good
    Verified Buyer
    Yes New Mexico
    Very Carefuly
    Was this helpful?
    Customer dissatisfication
    Verified Buyer
    No Longboat Key, Fl
    I purchased one of your rings...one of the wings broke during removal after the first usage. Called the sales dept. and the person answering the phone was excellent, but he told me the company does not stand behind the product so if I wanted a new one it would be full cost..After a second call to order a second ring he was kind enough to let me know that he had a few "samples" so would send a sample ring along with the ring I was paying for. Both arrived...again...first time of usage and one of the winges broke on removal. this quality control is comletely unacceptable and to think that the company does not stand behind the product is unbelievalbe... $25.00 plus dollars for a product the must cost a buck to make and they won't replace flawed products..sounds like a government company....
    3 of 3 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    Verified Buyer
    No Fl
    Product was unable to be removed unless it was cut and that destroyed it.
    1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    Pink medium high tension ring
    Verified Buyer
    No Florida
    as stated above a wing on the ring broke on the second time of usage. Have seen nothing yet as a replacement, but expect to see one in the near future.
    Was this helpful?
    Been using product for several years.
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Coeur d'Alene, ID
    It's a little uncomfortable at times but nothing I can't deal with. Much better than nothing at all. Due to surgery, pills or injections do not work.
    Was this helpful?
    Verified Buyer
    Yes marshall mi.
    product was a fair price
    1 of 1 customers found this helpful.
    Was this helpful?
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Cary, NC
    Have used for over 10 years - great product
    Was this helpful?
    good performance
    Verified Buyer
    Yes upstate,ny
    use the product to keep a firm erection.
    Was this helpful?
    great product
    Verified Buyer
    Yes Michigan
    Does what its supposed to do
    Was this helpful?
    4 27

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